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Why have a Marine Reserve?

The legal purpose for a Marine Reserve is to conduct scientific research in the area, to see if the numbers of creatures and seaweeds are changing, and why. 

The Society supports research and has set up several projects to find out more about the coastal areas in Taranaki. See the pages on how we have developed penguin reportingartificial burrow monitoring and intertidal surveys.

See our online maps with information about where the reserves are, with photos and research projects.

Tapuae Marine Reserve and Sugar Loaf Islands Marine Protected Area

Research and images of the area

  • Habitat and biodiversity - by Ian Cooper, The Department of Conservation, Emma Crofsky and Peter McComb.
  • Recreational Use Survey - Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society Inc.
  • Photographs of the shoreline


If you have any images or documents that you would like to add to our digital library, please visit the Kete Nga Motu. The images remain your property, and you choose which level of copyright you wish to apply.

How many other sea and shore birds are in the area?


If you have sightings of any other bird species or wildlife (like geckos) that you would like to add to the national records please sign up to assist Nature Watch NZ. See the pages on our Project Hotspot and join in.

Tapuae Marine Reserve



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