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Marine and Intertidal LIfe

What lives in the Taranaki coastal zones?

To preserve biodiversity we need unspoilt habitats

Video about the reasons to protect the Taranaki coast  You Tube The special character and life in the Taranaki marine and coastal environment is explored: birds nesting, a busy port, seals, penguins, fish and divers. The impact of erosion and land-based activities is seen in the footage of the rocky shores and sea.

Information sheet to go with the video about the marine organisms, “Teaching notes

Poster on Marine Reserves

Since this poster was produced even more data from marine reserves has been collected. Here is a task for schools - find out the most recent information and see how things have changed over a decade.

Seashore organisms pamphlet A4, front and back  

Some common creatures on the seashore and rockpools


Join the "CoastBlitz" project on NatureWatch NZ and record the organisms you find on the seashore (read a general guide to CoastBlitz). The information can be used by schools to understand the zonation of habitats and organisms form low tide to high tide and draw the profile. Seaweek is a good time to join the Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society, and invited experts to find out more about life in the rockpools of Taranaki. See these resources:


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