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Burrows for Penguins

Penguin Burrow Monitoring

The Society is working with Bright Sparks (technology training for students) to monitor selected penguin nests electronically. We have a camera watching a nest box at 'Happy Chaddy's Charters' which has a live feed to a TV screen indoors. Two sets of penguin chicks have fledged this year. The conditions of other types of box (concrete, wooden, and wooden with soil mounds) have been monitored through wireless dataloggers. You can see some of the results in Kete Pukekura

Penguin nest boxes:

Coastal schools and beach communities are installing pengin nest-boxes, and pest traps, to give the penguins a safer environment to raise chicks. Please contact us if you would like to record your efforts and link maps to any information you put into the kete.

If you would like to build a penguin box, please contact us for plans. The boxes should be mounded over with soil and plants to help temperature stability, and well concealed in suitable habitat.

A Little Blue Penguin nest-box with a driftwood disguise.

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