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Penguin Cam is live!

See what the penguins are up to at Port Taranaki - the penguincam is now live!
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See what the Kororā /LIttle Blue Penguins are up to at Port Taranaki – visit the Taranaki Mounga website.

Today sees the result of a huge and wonderful community effort to get the live camera running. What started out as the NMMRS working with Chaddy to observe the penguins has been enthusiastically supported by Taranaki Mounga to make it public. Fantastic! We thank the George Mason Charitable Trust for providing cameras, True Sense of Security Ltd for getting Penguin cam up and running, and PrimoWireless for providing the wireless internet connection to allow the live streaming.

It may look a little steamed up at times... there is sometimes a lot of activity in the burrow.

Click on the photo to see the live camera. It looks black and white, as this is an infra-red camera to see in the dark.

korora and first egg

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